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  98. The deep impact of opening to the outside world is readily discernible in a number of areas : the adoption of many Western habits , both good and bad ; changing social and moral values ; the trend towards individualism ; and the introduction of state-of-the-art concepts and technology . The key to adopting Western way centers on accepting the good and rejecting the bad .   对外开放的深刻影响在许多方面都能看到:模仿西方的习惯,包括好的和坏的;改变社会和道德价值观;个人主义的趋势;引进已发展的概念和技术。采取西方方式的关键在于取其精华,去其糟粕。   99. The arrival of the so-called “ Information Age ” will undoubtedly have a profound influence on our lives . The task at hand center on using the technology for beneficial purposes , while at the same time preventing intrusions of privacy and use of the electronic highway for deceitful purposes .   所谓“信息时代”的来临无疑将深刻地影响我们的生活。手头的任务主要是利用技术达到有意的目的,同时,防止侵犯隐私或者出于欺骗的目的利用电子高速路。   100. No one can doubt that the reform and opening policies introduced in 1979 have had a profound impact on the lives of Chinese citizens . Changes resulting therefrom have not only impacted the economic system , but the social system as well .   没有人能怀疑1979年推出的改革开放政策对中国公民的生活产生了深刻的影响。由此造成的变化不仅影响了经济体制,而且影响了社会体制。   101. Effluent discharges of industrial wastewater and raw sewage into rivers , lakes and inshore coastal areas have not only adversely affected marine life and aquatic resources , but have also jeopardized one of the major necessities for sustaining life-Potable Water .   工业废水和原污水排放入河流、湖泊和近海岸区域不仅给海洋生物和水生资源带来了负面影响,而且也破坏了维持生命的主要必需品之一——饮用水。   102. It will have a direct bearing on the matter under discussion .   这将和正在讨论的问题有直接关系。   103. Rapid economic growth may lead to an overextension of resources and lead to an eventual catastrophic meltdown .   经济迅速增长可能导致过度使用资源,并引起最终巨大的灾难。   104. The immediate results of economic growth have created the illusion of unending prosperity . The best approach at this particular time is to perhaps err on the side of caution .   经济增长的直接结果是造成了关于无止境繁荣的幻想。现在这个特定时刻最好的办法也许是慎之又慎。   105. The benefits of technology are undeniable . Nonetheless , the fact that technology often negates the need for human beings in the workplace deserves careful consideration and retraining programs for affected individuals must be introduced .   技术的好处不容否认。然而,技术经常否认工作场所需要人类,这一点值得仔细考虑,而且,为受到影响的个人推出再培训项目是必需的。   106. The lack of faith in government is the direct result of the prevailing distrust of politicians .   对政府缺乏信心是普遍存在的对政府官员的不信任直接造成的。   107. The advantages of harmonious relations far outweigh the disadvantages of confrontation .   和谐关系的好处远远大于冲突的坏处。   108. Independence offers many advantages , the first and foremost of which is self-determination .   独立带来很多好处,首先也是最重要的是自决。   109. The contrast between right and wrong is highlighted by the benefits accruing from the former .   由于正确而得到的好处更加强调了正误的对比。   110. The most striking conclusion that can be reached when weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the market economy is quite frankly prosperity .   很坦率地说,在权衡市场经济的利弊时能得出的最显著的结论是繁荣。   111. The ridiculous amount of money some countries spend on military hardware is absurd when considering the number of people starving in many developing countries .   考虑到一些发展中国家挨饿的人的数量,一些国家把大量资金花费在重型军事装备上显得很荒谬。   112. The loss of perquisites enjoyed by government officials and business executives pales in comparison to the plight of refugees in many war-torn countries .   与许多饱受战争创伤的国家的难民所处的困境相比,政府官员和商业管理者失去所享受的特权就相形见绌了。   113. While the long-term problem of global warming is indeed serious , its significance diminishes somewhat when considering immediate problems such as rapid environmental deterioration and the rampant misuse and abuse of nonrenewable resources .   虽然全球变暖这一长期的问题确实很严重,但考虑到诸如环境的迅速恶化和不可更新资源的普遍滥用等当前的问题,它的重要性就有所降低了。   114. Owning a car might be preferable to owning a bicycle , but the problems associated with owning the former far outweigh those of the latter . For one thing , automobiles are exponentially more expensive and require greater maintenance . For another , bicycles don't pollute .   与拥有一辆自行车相比,人们更愿意拥有一辆汽车,但拥有后者涉及的问题远远超过前者。原因之一,汽车昂贵很多,需要更多的维护。原因之二,自行车不会引起污染。   115. The advantages of family planning more than compensate for the disadvantages .   计划生育的好处不仅仅弥补了它的害处。   116. Claims of gender equality are laced with contradictions . The principal fallacy centers on the workplace and concept of equal pay for equal work . Another , but no less important , aspect revolves around the entry of women into top management positions .   性别平等的呼声中有少量自相矛盾的内容。最大的谬误在于工作场所和同工同酬的概念。另一个同样重要的方面与女性进入最高管理职位紧密相关。   117. Both limitations and problems will quite likely be encountered during the ongoing transition to the market economy . For one thing , urgent measures are required to resolve problems involving state-owned enterprises . Another thorny issue involves controlling inflation in the face of emerging market forces .   正在进行的市场经济的转型很有可能将遇到限制和问题。一方面,需要紧要方法解决涉及国有企业的问题。另一棘手的问题涉及在市场力量形成的同时控制通货膨胀。   118. Will the Three Gorges Project prove to be a monumental achievement or nothing more than a giant fiasco ? Opposition voices point to drawbacks such as the massive cost of the project , the need to relocate millions of local residents and destruction of the unique natural environment . Supporters , on the other hand , contend that the advantages-i.e. improved flood control , increased power generation capacity and desirable impact on economic development in related areas -will far outweigh the disadvantages . Time will tell and history will judge the wisdom of the project .   三峡工程将成为极大的成功或只是彻底的失败?反对意见指出了诸如工程的巨额成本,数百万当地居民的重新安置以及独特的自然环境的破坏等障碍。另一方面,支持者认为它的好处,例如对洪水控制的改善、发电能力的提高和对相关地区经济发展的影响将远远超过它坏处。至于建设这个工程明智与否,时间会告诉我们,历史会做出判断。   119. Nothing approaches the love of a mother for her child .   没有东西可以和母爱相比。   120. Few scientific and technological achievements equal the success of landing men on the moon .   几乎没有科技成就能与人类成功登陆月球同日而语。   121. A question begging an answer centers on whether violence is more directly related to the innate characteristic of human being , or whether it is simply a manifestation of the ills of society . Determining the answer will be far from an easy proposition , but is nonetheless one that deserves careful and deliberate consideration .   需要回答的一个问题是:与人类的天性联系更直接还是仅仅是社会恶习的体现?做出回答远非易事,而是值得仔细而审慎地考虑的事情。   122. From the standpoint of success , a good work ethic is no less important than an education . Success does , in fact ,depend on the total integration of both aspects .   从成功的角度来说,良好的职业道德与教育同等重要。事实上,成功的确建立在两方面完全融合的基础上。   123. The growing trend for wives to work outside the home even when their husbands are present and employed is in part a sharing of the financial burden with the husband , and in part a reflection of the need these women feel to have a measurable sense of personal worth .   越来越多的妻子到外面工作,甚至和她们的丈夫再一起工作,一方面是为了和丈夫共同承担经济重担,一方面反映了女性感到需要有可衡量的个人价值。   124. Just as honor is a prerequisite for respectability , so is unblemished character a barometer of integrity .   正如声誉是可敬的前提条件,无暇疵的品格是正直的晴雨表。   125. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the same is true for both the appreciation of art and music .   美在观察者的眼中,美术和音乐的欣赏也是如此。   126. The direct correlation between self-esteem and success also applies to one's ability to achieve .   自尊和成功的直接联系也适用于一个人取得成就的能力。   127. Improving the plight of teachers is indeed a priority item . However , improving the overall education system is likewise no less important .   改善教师的困难处境的确是优先处理的一件事情。但是,改进整个教育系统同等重要。   128. China and United States share many things in common . Firstly , both are major world powers . Secondly , the two nations offer mutually beneficial factors for development-China with its vast potential market and labor force , and the U.S. with its advanced technology and management expertise .   中国和美国有许多共同之处。首先,两个都是世界主要强国。第二,两个国家相互提供发展的有利因素——中国拥有巨大的潜在市场和劳动力,美国拥有先进的技术和专业的管理知识。   129. The shaky truce in the Middle East bears little resemblance to the realization of ultimate peace .   中东不可靠的休战与最终实现和平的相似性很小。   130. Idleness spawns discontent , whereas overwork leads to mental and physical exhaustion .   懒惰滋生不满,而过度工作导致精神和身体的疲劳。   131. Large and small enterprises differ in that the former usually involves conglomerates and the latter private individuals .   大企业和小企业的区别在于前者通常涉及联合大企业,后者涉及私营的个人。   132. Both automobiles and bicycles offer a convenient means of public conveyance , with one of the marked differences between the two centered on pollution caused by the former .   汽车和自行车都提供公共运输的便利方式,两者的显著区别之一在于前者引起污染。


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